Why New York Fashion Week is a big deal for emerging designers

New York Fashion Week gives designers the opportunity to showcase their work on the world stage.

11 April 2018

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New York Fashion Week as we all know it is all about offering a peek into the season’s trends and gives a glimpse at celebrity style icons. But it also gives emerging fashion designers a chance to showcase their creations.

We’ve seen it a lot with Project Runway when a select few designers are given the opportunity to exhibit their work on the world’s largest fashion stage. And in some cases, the platform gives these budding designers’ careers a lift-off.

Take Mah-Jing Wong who was placed sixth in season 15 of Project Runway who went on to launch his own brand in 2011, specializing in denim innovation.  Or season nine and season two contestant, Laura Kathleen Baker. Laura now works with Lifetime on casting Project Runway’s designers, among many other roles.

Throughout New York, emerging designers have debuted their looks. These fashion shows also allow networking opportunities for the designers and access to retailers top-tier press and industry influencers.

The designers this week are tasked with creating a winter-themed look which will be the judges decide who goes to New York Fashion Week – an opportunity that could open new doors for the chosen designers.

Catch Project Runway every Wednesday from 20:00 only on Vuzu TV.

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