VUZU AMP premieres Fences on Friday!

11 October 2017

Viola Davis won her first Oscar award for her stellar portrayal of Rose on Fences, while co-star and the film's director Denzel Washington came very close to winning his third prestigious gong at for his performance on Fences. And now VUZU AMP is premiering the critically acclaimed film for the first time on the HD silver screen, this Friday at 21:30!

The movie follows the story of an African American family in the 1950s. Troy (Denzel Washington) and his wife Rose are raising their son Cory (Jovan Adepo). Troy is the family's breadwinner, and works as a local waste collector with his day one Jim Bono (Stephen Henderson). He also has to care for his younger brother, who cannot functionally optimally due a head injury sustained during World World II, for which a government payout of only $3 000 was recieved. 

Rose tells Troy that Cory is being head hunted by a local college football team, but Troy downplays and ultimately rejects the possibility of his son thriving in the sport, much as he not happy with his estranged son from another relationship - Lyons - whose musical career has yet to recieve the attention and blessing of his father. 

At the core of it, the film is about family and relationships. A wider look into the socio-political and economical realities navigated by trhe family in the time they navigated America gives audiences a sobering awakenening to the psychological and personal damage born by African American families during an oppressive period in history. 

Watch the mind blowing cinematography, captivating visuals and award winning performances on Fences, this Friday at 21:30 on VUZU AMP, DStv channel 103.