Top 5 Questions We Hope Insecure S2 Will Answer

We explore the top five questions we were left with at the end of season one like, will Issa and Lawrence get back to each other?

14 May 2018

The last episode of Insecure season one was aplty titled, Broken as F**k as the Insecure world we were introduced in episode one was completely shattered and broken. The mood of the show changed from it's rosier tone and we were pleasantly surprised when the show took a slice from raw real-life honesty instead.

Will Issa and Lawrence get back together?

After a night with the boys where it seems like Lawrence may not be cut out for the single life he calls Issa to tell her he misses and that he's coming home. Issa who is away with the girls for Kelli's birthday asks Molly to drive her back to Ingelwood at 2 a.m. with a glimmer of hope that they will rekindle their love. She arrives home to find Lawrence's keys on the counter and she smiles to herself, but when she waks into the bedroom she realises that Lawrence has taken all of his things except the Best Buy t-shirt. A sign of leaving the life she forced on him.

The season does end with Lawrence sleeping with the friendly bank teller, Tanya and it looks like he is freeing himself from Issa. We, however are hopeless romantics and hope that they will find a way to get back together after both of their wrongs. Yes Issa cheated, but we must be careful not to forget Lawrence's part in this chasm, he did not work for two-years because the job offers he received were beneath him, he failed to balance his relationship with his hustle and abominable sin, he forgot Issa'a birthday, 

Will Issa fix her "black-ignorant" work place culture?

We were shook last season when the white folk at her workplace asked questions like, "Issa, what's 'on fleek'?" and circumvented her and spoke to the Frieda instead of Isaa about Issa's project. Quoting that they were scared of her reaction, scared they might trigger the infamous 'angry black women' sterotype. A lot of irritating things happened at Issa's work last season but she remained quiet. We hope that this season she stands up for herself, especially after pulling off the huge event last season and we hope she stands against ignorance.

Will we have more rapping?

In season one we saw many great raps performed by Issa, which were all great but our personal favourite was Broken P***y. Issa is genuinely great at rapping and they probably won't but how great would it be if she blew up to be the next Cardi B? No? Well we can dream.

Our realistic expectation is that Issa will continue to rap in front of her mirror which has become her safe space. It's in front of her mirror that we see her hidden pieces which are more bold and brazen.

Will Issa and Molly fix their issues?

Even though Molly mized Issa on the girls trip, she quickly jumoed to her aid at 2 a.m. to frive her back from the girls trip so that she could meet Lawrence. Once Issa realised that Lawrence had packed up his bags Molly let Issa cry on her lap and that's wat besties do right? The fact remains though that they have not cleared the air regarding the fight they had so that it doens't come up again. They need a true girl talk session where they find peace about what they've done, who they are and who they want to be.

Will we have a new Molly?

In the last episode we saw Molly sleep witha guy whose voice had probably just broken. We are introduced to a wild side of Molly after seeing her try to find a relationship throughout the season. Is this the Molly we are going to see in season two, if so it is going to be a heck of a ride!

We believe this season if Insecure will be incredibly brave by illustrating a raw depiction of a 20-something black females experience of the world. What questions are you hoping this season will answer?

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