To Rome For Love & Other Romantic Places

In anticipation of the romance reality show, we give you a guide to some of the most romantic cities in the world, besides Rome of course.

15 August 2018

To Rome For Love is all about five eligible women attempting to find love in one of the most notoriously romantic cities in the world. Diann Valentine serves as their guide through this journey, which is filled with overcoming fears, moving on from past issues and of course, pure romance. In the light of finding love in places full of romance, here is our short selection of some of the most romantic cities on Earth:


Turns out, Rome isn’t the only romantic place that can be found in Italy. Venice’s narrow pathways and famous canals running through the city is the ideal romantic maze for lovers to explore. You can also take your significent other on a gondola trip through the city while your gondolier sings love songs to you.


Probably regarded to many as the most romantic city you can go to, Paris has multiple features that makes it the ultimate romance destination. You can visit iconic places like the eiffel tower, dine in some the best restuarants in the world and you can go to place a lock with you and your lover’s names on it on a bridge to cement your love in a very special way.

Buenos Aires

This beautiful city in Argentina is renowned for its rich culture and colourful buildings. Buenos Aires is also the birthplace of the Tango and it’s dancing culture is still going strong with every passing year. It’s the ideal place for you and your partner can go to indulge in some passionate dancing in gorgeously colourful areas and ignite that spark all over again!

If romance is your thing, then you should definitely consider travelling to some of these romantic places, whether it’s to find love or reignite that passion between you and your partner!

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