Tina Fey Joins Great News

30 Rock alum and three time Emmy winner Tina Fey joins this season of Great News as the new boss in news town.

26 June 2018

Things become better when you add Tina Fey to them, point and case is the Golden Globes. Adding Tina Fey to Great News takes a fun comedy and hoists it to an exciting, surprising crème-de-la-crème status

This season is all about change. Tina Fey’s character, Diana St. Tropez is a Fortune 500 CEO who promises to bring The Breakdown to number one, can we give three cheers for female empowerment! Katie is huge fan of Diana’s but Carol doesn’t like her much because one of her books is titled Everything Your Mother Told You Was a Lie. It seems like there will be a competition of mentor vs mother this season as Carol views everything that Diana teaches as anti-motherhood and anti-well-Carol.

In the spirit of change, Katie begins to think about the next step in her career, Carol pushes for a promotion and Chuck tries to fit in to the show’s new format. This season is more about work as we delve deeper into the lives of The Breakdown’s crew personal lives. At the end of last season we saw Katie and Greg have an almost kiss in the elevator but getting together isn’t that seamless apparently. Katie begins a new relationship even though she still has feelings for Greg and Chuck tries to reconcile with his son. Someone say COMPLICATED.

Chuck struggles with the work place change stating, ‘It’s good that nobody reads books, and that old buildings are just knocked down and become new buildings’. Makes us wonder, is all change good change, you tell us!

Take a sneak peek into this season:

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