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The V Table: Battle Of The Sexes

The V Table is joined by comedienne Celeste Ntuli as they compare the genders in various departments of life. Tune in on Fridays at 21:30 on #VUZUAMP 103!

10 March 10:58

It's the oldest - and for some possibly the pettiest - debate of all time, but which sex is better or worse in what department remains one of the most hotly contested discussions in human history. 

And because The V Table is one show with its fingers on the pulse of what matters as far as social conversations are concerned, we've put this one back on the table. Except this time we are joined by comedienne Celeste Ntuli for her two cents worth on which gender excels in what awesomeness and struggles with what foolishness. 

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In a video exclusively obtained by VUZU AMP, rapper Gigi Lamayne joins the discussion by stating that women are in fact better cheats than men. But while you might have heard that one before, we wonder how such sentiment will be handled by Moshe and Larryngitis, who are both residents on the panel. 

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Men are just sloppier, Lamayne charged. They are do not have hearts that are 'oceans full of secrets' like women are. An ocean is quite massive, so it's quite understandable that some mere mortals wouldn't be able to keep quite that many secrets of infidelity under wraps. Hey? Gigi?

There's other departments explored by the hosts, including performance in the entertainment industry, sex, maturity, relationships and amongst other interesting ones - pettiness. 

Don't miss The V-Table, Fridays at 21:30 on VUZU AMP 103

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