The Middle & The End

In anticipation of the ninth and final season The Middle, we look at some more iconic sitcoms you can watch once the legendary season is over.

27 August 2018

The Heck family are calling it quits after an amazing 9th season on air and it’s safe to say they will be sorely missed. For years the family’s hilarious daily struggles has resonated with viewers and slowly crept into our hearts. However, there is a silver lining. Here are a few shows to replace the hole in your hearts that The Middle will surely leave:

Modern Family

Modern Family depicts another iconic family that is spread across three households and symbolizes the unique family dynamics of our generation. The show deals with a lot interesting and hilarious issue such as accepting that your father is married to someone the same age as you and that your son has an adopted Vietnamese daughter. Ultimately, Modern Family is a hilarious view on family relationships, growing up and accepting that you cannot choose your family and love them regardless of anything.

New Girl

New Girl might not be a family-oriented show, but rather it’s all about the idea of friends becoming like family. Held up together in a massive loft, four vastly different friends annoy each other on a daily basis, yet help one another through their bizarre problems and ultimately grow closer, not only as friends, but as a family. New Girl shows how much friendships can develop through thick and thin and depicts the hilarious consequences of all the problems they bring onto themselves and how friends can bail you out of any bad situation!

Bob’s Burgers

Despite being animated, Bob’s Burgers is an accurate representation of middle-class family struggles and the hilarious consequences of working and spending every waking minute with your family. Bob’s Burgers depicts two sides of a family, the parents trying to keep their little restaurant afloat and their kids going through the stages of growing up. Mix these two concepts and what you get is a hilarious back and forth of helpless problem solving and a showcasae of a whack family making fun of one another’s issues, yet ultimately at least attempt to aid in some bizarre way.

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