The Mayor: Struggling Rapper Becomes Mayor

Imagine a struggling hip-hop artist with no political experience running for the mayoral office in order to get publicity for his music, then in a crazy twist he gets elected? That’s the plot of our new show The Mayor.

18 May 2018

Struggling hip-hop artist, Courtney Rose is in dire need of his big break. He has been creating music for years in his closet turned music booth and he is tired of waiting for opportunity to knock, so he makes it happen. He comes up with the ultimate publicity plan and runs for mayor in his hometown, Fort Grey, California in order to get people about him and his music. His plan goes too well and he wins the election and becomes the mayor.

His opponent, Ed Gunt is dismissive of Courtney but Courtney surprisingly gets the better of him during a debate. Courtney was there to sell his music, shamelessly mentioning his website mid-answer but then Ed Gunt speaks about his efforts to beautify a local common area and Courtney interjects when he asks Ed if he has even ever set foot in the common area. Ed fumbles and people see that Courtney knows Fort Grey and its people much better than his opponent. So they vote for him and he wins by an overwhelming 52 percent.

The Mayor promises jam packed episodes, just in this episode Courtney campaigned to be mayor, won, ran a clean-up initiative and we saw him grapple with his choice of letting go of his career in order to be a good mayor. Courtney has a can-do spirit and a generous heart.

The Mayor nailed the casting with Brandon Michael Hall playing the part of Courtney Rose, his charming demeanour is easy to watch; it’s great to have Yvettte Nicole Brown from Community back on television as a regular as she portrays Courtney’s loving but firm mother and Lea Michele from Glee is a great stern chief of staff.

This a comedy built around inspiring characters who remind us that there is still good in this world and it’s okay to believe in it. The wise Dina says to Courtney, “You critique the status quo, maybe now you can actually change it.” What a beautiful challenge.

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