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The Hustle: Trap's a trap! Why the hustlers choked?

Trap is often seen as the simplest form of Hip Hop. Yet hustlers were body bagged in numbers when the challenge knocked

12 May 16:05

Trap is often placed underneath other strands of Hip Hop in terms of credibility, and it's all because it's artistic legitimacy is often questioned. The commercial offspring of the genre that began as a political discourse, and as a means for African Americans to express how unjust oppressive political systems shaped their everyday experiences, is often seen as an 'easy win' for those whose main goal is plugging into what sells. 

So when King of Afro trap, Emtee was joined by Family Tree first lady to prepare hustlers for the afro trap challenge, they were struck by how much most of the hustlers were bodybagged by the challenge.  After all, shouldn't this have been a walk in the park for these insanely talented young rappers? 

Charged by many viewers as the most ruthless series of judgements by the judges yet, the likes of Stogie T ended up saying what would really make the episode worthy would be to see certain rappers go home. They just... they need to go. 

In the end, a double elimination hit the mansion once more. Pheonix and Manu Worldstar were asked to vacate their rooms effective immediately after they each showcased lacklustre dabbles into this notoriously 'simple' genre.

While others like Dexxtris, TTGO (again) and Joshua The I Am just about dodged the bullet thanks to the departees managing the execute far more underwhelming attempts, are now on life support in the judges eyes. 

After all they have had to overcome and conquer to get here, trap is what shook things up the most in the mansion. Why? 

We asked the the question out on our latest poll. 

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Most of you seem to think the hustlers were overthinking the whole thing. Calm down. It's afro trap. Have fun, make us dance. 

Yet Stogie T found himself unable to get down to Huge's rap, because it was too 'rappy.' It was too serious, too try hard. 

They missed out on some of the simplest rules to trap. Like, as Nadia Nakai pointed out during her feedback to TTGO, repetition. Smooth, vibey repetitions are how Pheonix began her delivery, before she started choking and throwing a fit at her own stage fright. 

So interesting, how overthinking one's performances, as we pointed out in 5 Things Not To Do on The Hustle, continues being the most consistent setback in the mansion. 

The Hustle airs Mondays at 19:30 on VUZU AMP, DStv channel 103. 



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