The Bachelor Winter Games: Competition and Companionship

Delve into the curious premise of the latest spinoff of the iconic Bachelor franchise.

18 July 2018

Do you like to see young hopefuls on a quest for love? Do you also like competitive reality shows to get the adrenaline pumping? If so, The Bachelor Winter Games might be the show you never looked for, but definitely need in your life.

The famous Bachelor franchise have made a handful of spinoffs during their lengthy stay on television, but it’s safe to say that none of them are quite like this one. The premise of the show is taking former Bachelor contestants, from the US and from other countries, making them compete in a series of winter-themed competitions, vote out other contestants from the game and potentially find love in the process. Essentially, it’s like the Winter Olympics if competitors were looking for more than just the gold. A concept so crazy, it just might work.

So ultimately, the question beckons, what exactly can you expect from this interesting, short spinoff series? To which the response is, basically everything that makes for good reality TV. You can look forward to loads of drama, romance, hysterical moments and some fun-filled competitions. Make yourself cozy and heat up your cold evenings with the perfect winter entertainment!

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