Project Runway winners list

The final countdown to Project Runway Season 16 winner begins...

17 April 2018

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We are on the verge of finding out which designer will walk away with coveted title of being Project Runway Season 16 winner. After a long, gruelling and intense journey for the designers who are now expected to woo the judges and high profile guests with their high-end collections for the very last time, whoever goes home with a massive career and huge prizes is about to be a known name in the fashion files.

Some of you already have some guesses about who might take it:

But before the winner is revealed, let's take a look at who won in the previous seasons:

Jay McCarroll, Season 1

Chloe Dao, Season 2

Jeffrey Sebelia, Season 3

Christian Siriano, Season 4

Leanne Marshall, Season 5

Irina Shabayeva, Season 6

Seth Aaron Henderson, Season 7

Gretchen Jones, Season 8

Anya Ayoung-Chee, Season 9

Dmitry Sholokhov, Season 10

Michelle Lesniak, Season 11

Dom Streater, Season 12

Sean Kelly, Season 13

Ashley Nell Tipton, Season 14

Erin Robertson, Season 15


Remember any of these designers?

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