Playing House Season 3 brings character growth through an aspirational real-life friendship

The unpredictable storyline and character growth is what sets Playing House apart from the rest of the pack.

13 April 2018

Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, co-creators, writers, stars and real-life best friends hinted that they shared a bonding experience that went far beyond their on-screen friendship, and which they had written into the show.

The friends had decided not to reveal anything about it until St. Clair revealed in a post on StandUp2Cancer website that she had been treated for breast cancer with Parham at her side throughout the treatment.

Parham and St. Clair had been worried that introducing such a serious storyline onto the show would feel unnatural and take away from the comedy.

But if reviews are anything to go by, the worry was unfounded. One writer said, “Playing House is funnier, more in tune with its beating heart of comedy than ever, because of how the battle with cancer brought the two friends closer together.”

The series conveys positivity, hope, and joy in every scene and line. “If anything, Playing House balances out its humour and multiple storylines so well that it’s actually easy to forget that the cancer plot is coming until it happens. And then BAM, right there amidst the laughter, a feeling of being blindsided and stunned,” said another writer.

The unpredictable storyline and character growth are what sets Playing House apart from the rest of the pack.

Expect a series that’s fearless and not afraid to change, evolve and grow up.

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