New dating shows premiering on Vuzu TV

These new reality dating shows will offer you fun surprises and hair-ripping drama at the same time.

17 April 2018

Images: Getty Images and Instagram

Nothing gives you more of a whimsical, silly feeling than being in love?

Even if it’s others who are trying to find love, you still can’t help but feel a little giddy inside – which is why dating shows are always fun to watch.

More than that, some of the most cringe-worthy moments in dating awkwardness are usually seen on dating reality shows – adding to the fun and excitement of watching these.

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Driven to Love sees American singer, songwriter, and television personality, Ray J, serve as driver and wingman as he missions to find one single 5 potential dates in the back of a love taxi.

Talk about taking pickups to a whole other level!

Eyebrow-raising games and fun surprises lead the dater to their perfect match – kicking some suitors to the curb.

But the reality dating game doesn’t stop there… In Match Made In Heaven, Shawn Bullard is seeking for love, and get this, a potential wife. Think The Bachelor but without the roses.

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In this reality show, the ladies are sent text messages inviting them to stay, leave or meet Shawn at the bridge for more discussion about their “future”.

Catch back-to-back episodes of Driven to Love on Tuesdays from 20:00, and Match Made in Heaven on weekdays at 19:00 – both on Vuzu TV.