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Nene Leakes drags Phaedra

Nene Leakes says Phaedra's motives have always been dirty.

02 May 12:53

Looks like there's really no love lost between Real Housewives Of Atlanta stars Nene Leakes and Phaedra Parks. 

Leakes recently sat down with Andy Cohen, the show's executive producer, to weigh in on Phaedra allegedly concotting a lie about Porsha being drugged by Kandi and Todd for unconsenting sexual activity. 

It has since been sort-of proven that Phaedra might have gotten a bit creative with key details in the scandal that never was. 

Now that rumours of Miss Parks being booted from the show have gained momentum on nosy blogs, former Housewife Nene Leakes told Andy that she's nowehere near being surprised by Phaedra making stuff up to undermine Kandi's public image. 

"Absolutely not! I'm not suprised", Nene said. 

"Phaedra's been doing this bulls**** for a very long time now", she fired without holding back. 

The fiesty reality show star went on to explain that Phaedra had done something similar to her back when she was still on the show. 

She added, "Pheadra's been doing stuff like this. She just got caught with these girls." 


These group of women never cease to bring on the drama. Be sure to catch the Real Housewives of Atlanta season finale and Reunion Specials on the dates and times below. 

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Photo Credit: Instagram/NeneLeakes 





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