Nashville Secrets Revealed

Nashville is a country musical gem and we let you in on some behind the scenes facts.

26 August 2018

Not Faking It

The actresses and actors on Nashville are not acting when it comes to their songs. They all actually perform each and every song, there is no such thing a voice double and there is no T-paining either. The actors and actresses also play the guitar in all their guitar scenes. Stans would remember that Hayden Panettiere (Juliette Barnes) released a pop song in 2008 called “Wake Up Call”.

All of the back-up musicians on the show are actual musicians who live in Nashville. In an ode to the place where the show is created all of the songs that are sang on the show are original songs written by Nashville songwriters.

Faking It

Clare Bowen who portrays Scarlett O’Connor is of Australian descent and practiced her American Southern accent by watching movies her pilot father would bring for her from America. The most memorable movies for her are Song of the SouthSteel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes.

YouTube Superstars

Rayna’s girls, Daphne and Maddie Conrad are sisters in real life, and not only that, they are certified YouTube superstars. The Canadian actresses Maisy and Lennon Stella were famous before they became Conrad’s when they went viral in 2012 with their cover of Robyn’s “call Your Girlfriend”. Their YouTube channel has over 85 million views.


Charles Esten who portrays Deacon told Hayden after his audition that he will see on her soon set and he did, talk about positive speaking right? Apparently during his audition Hayden had her ear glued to the door listening to Charles sing, when he came out of the audition room she gave him a round of applause.

True Love

Hayden Panettiere fell in love with Nashville so much that she bought a house and moved there.


Jonathan Jackson who plays Avery Barkley has won not one but five Emmys! He won the Emmys when he was on the soap opera General Hospital and Lucky Spencer.

The End is Nigh

This is the penultimate season on Nashville. It was cancelled after season five but fans rallied and started an internet petition to bring it back and CMT brought it back for one last final season.

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