Mushiya Tshikuka’s natural hair dolls are bomb

Mushiya's My Natural Doll collection is a step in the representation of black girls' natural hair.

19 April 2018

If you visit Cutting it in the ATL star Mushiya Tshikuka’s Instagram page, you’ll see that her page is littered with pictures of her donning her larger-than-life natural hair.

Mushiya has always been big on spreading the natural hair movement and empowering women to take care and own their crowns.

She’s even gone as far as creating her very own doll collection – called the My Natural Doll collection. Of the collection, Mushiya said she realised that when shopping for dolls for her children, she struggled to find an accurate representation of her children in the various stores she went into.

For Mushiya, her daughters’ self-esteem and well-being was vital when creating the dolls.

“I remember going to the store, MANY stores actually, looking for a black doll because Christmas was approaching & my girls were old enough to say, ‘Mommy, I want a doll.’ I refused for my little gorgeous black girls to have white dolls because I was not in the mood to confuse their confidence. I had worked so hard on it. But every black doll I saw had yarn, straight hair, long synthetic whitish curls or were just BALD.

"See, my children were born with a head full of kinks. Where was that doll?” she explained in an Instagram post.

The first doll in her natural hair collection is beautiful, dark-skinned and named Keleshe.

Kudos to Mushiya for pushing the natural hair movement.

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