Money in the Bank: Real Housewives of New Jersey Edition

The ladies of Franklin Lakes are back with the drama we live for, and we find out if they can put their money where their mouth is.

11 June 2018

Melissa Gorga

Estimated Net Worth: $1.5 million

She has the least the net worth but it’s $ 1.5 million than I have. She has made her money using her television fame. She has released a few songs, written a marriage advice book and opened a clothing boutique store called Envy, famously named after her tagline: "The only life I envy is my own”.

What to look forward to from Melissa

Joe (husband) and Teresa (sister in-law) decide to open a “family” restaurant without consulting her. When she confronts them Teresa says that she is not a real Gorga, she is only Gorga by name… burn!

Danielle Staub  

Estimated Net Worth: $3 million

Danielle wrote a tell-all book on RHNJ, The Naked Truth: The Real Story Behind the Real Housewife of New Jersey and she has also tried her hand at music.

What to look forward to from Danielle

She is the queen of drama, do you remember Teresa’s famous table flip from season one? That was inspired by Danielle. In a weird twist of fate she comes back this season and cozies up to Teresa over yoga, but then she uses this new found friendship to break up Teresa’s and Dolores’ 20 year old friendship.

Dolores Cantania ­

Estimated Net Worth: $3.5 million

Her ex-husband used to support her lavish life but now she is an entrepreneur and owns two gyms in New Jersey. She worked her way up from a corrections officer, to a surgical technician, then she went into real estate.

What to look forward to from Dolores

She knows how to shut a person down when they cross the line and that’s exactly what she does to Danielle and her lies. She also has an amicable relationship with her ex-husband, which jeopardizes her relationship with her beau.

Siggy Flicker  

Estimated Net Worth: $5 million

Siggy is a successful relationship expert and author. She says she was the poorest girl in town growing up, she is the definition of #LookAtGod.

What to look forward to from Dolores

Her and new castmate Margaret Josephs clash on a trip to Boca Raton, to the point where she calls Margaret an anti-Semite. This causes a major divide between the cast and makes things awkward.

Teresa Giudice

Estimated Net Worth: $11 million

Theresa and her husband were imprisoned for fraud among other things but she came out of prison and wrote a prison memoir, Standing Strong which went onto the New York’s bestselling list. Before prison she was a fashionista who contributed to the Vogue Magazine and was a buyer for the prestigious Macy’s. She also has number of best-selling cook books and a signature cocktail.

What to look forward to from Teresa

Kim DePaola insinuates that Teresa is cheating while Joe (her husband) is away in prison and that starts the fight of century.

Margaret Josephs

Estimated Net Worth: Between $ 16 million  – $ 30 million

Margaret is the newest cast member and her tagline is:  "I bring the power, the pigtails and the party”. She definitely brings the power, in 2012 CNN featured her on Moms Making Millions where her business, The Macbeth Collection made $ 26 million *faints*.

What to look forward to from Margaret

She begins a feud with Siggy when she offends Siggy.

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