Match Made in Heaven star Shawn Bullard believes in love on reality TV

For former football star Shawn Bullard, reality shows are legitimate platforms for finding significant others...

24 April 2018

We've got a whole lot of reality shows showcasing possibilities of finding love on-screen.

The latest addition being Match Made In Heaven in which the incredibly sexy bachelor Shawn Bullard is searching for some intense love.

In an interview with, the pretty face from Philly, who left professional football to build a name for himself in the world of real estate, said that true love can occur while the cameras are rolling. 

He went on to say that sifting through 24 beautiful hopefuls is actually not even that much different from real life, where loving a perfect match has really been no walk in the park for the overachiever. 

And when asked if he thinks he would actually be able to go as far as meeting someone he can walk down the aisle with on the show, he said it was not that naive of a journey for him. 

"It was more let’s find someone that I could work on getting towards that. I just wanted the fantasy of TV to spill over into the real world."

We are so happy to know that when all fails, there's reality to finally meet the one. 

Is he on his way to scoring big in the world of on-screen love? 

Find out every weekday at 19:00 on Match Made In Heaven on Vuzu TV, DStv channel 116. 

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