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We love Tbo Touch's family

18 January 15:21

While some people can't stand their exes, Tbo Touch and his ex, Thuli Thabethe, always have each other's backs.

The former lovers, who have a son together, are showing other parents that co-parenting can and does work - without drama.

While Touch is married and has another son with his wife Nandi, he's still has a great relationship with Thuli and they're always supportive of each other.

The radio personality's sons went back to school today. This was a special day for the family as all three parents were present, proving that the children must always come first.

All three of them shared the same picture on Instagram with different captions.

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Thuli's caption read: "Blended family: Ruri & Zuri both started at their new school today. Here's to co-parenting & making it work!..."

Nandi wrote: "First day of school kicked off ! We're ready for an incredible journey of excellence, elevation and love. Family First..."

Touch's caption was light-hearted. "My A-Team @nandiqueen7 & @thuli_thabethe we should do a reality show!" Thuli's response was: "Let's get this reality show off the ground. 'Coparenting Making it Work 101."

A lot of people are inspired by the relationship Touch has with Thuli and Nandi, and how they're making it work.

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One fan commented: "Yesssss... No need for drama mann let's all be happy parents. Proud of u Thabo."

Another comment read: "Jada and Will Smith taught people something. Will respects and loves Jada too much. This is maturity it can't be easy but it can be done - the kids will excel cause of the peace of mind knowing there is no animosity. God bless @nandiqueen7 @iamtbotouch@thuli_thabethe."

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