LA Hair: Make way for James Wright

There's a new hairstylist in the Kim Kimble Salon, and he's larger than life personality is sure to shake things up.

01 March 2018

Image: Instagram

His larger than life personality storms into the Kim Kimble salon, and it’s shade, shade, shade! James Wright wears many hats – singer, chef, comedian social media sensation, and of course, hair stylist.

He’s also well known for being the best seller of pies – yes you read right – hence his nickname The Pattie Guy. Word on social media is that James sent sales for LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie through the roof after he reviewed the Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie.

So how did he catch Kim Kimble’s attention?

Well, we just spelt it out. James sold an abundance of 2.5 million pies (our jaws are dropping too!) – The hair and beauty business is BIG business so you best believe James will be able to sell wigs and extensions with the blink of a lash.

Truth is though, James sent out a public plea for help to Kim in March 2016 after a bad wig caught his attention. Kim heard his cry, and being the savvy businesswoman that she is, brought him on board.

Prepare for his huge personality and shade in bucket loads tonight on LA Hair at 20:00, on Vuzu TV, Channel 116.