LA Hair: Kim Kimble’s hair prep tips

We took a few notes from celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble for prepping your hair for the salon.

08 March 2018

Image: Instagram

Award seasons and other big events are ahead of us, and who better to seek hair prep advice from than the Queen of Hair herself, right?

We scoured the web to gather a few tips that celebrity hairstylist and star of LA Hair Kim Kimble has shared with the world.

Here’s a list of her do’s and don’ts for prepping for your next salon visit:

The Do’s

1. If the look you’re going for is sleek and straight make sure that you step on the hairstylist’s hair with clean, well-conditioned hair.

Kim says: For something flowy, you’re going to need fresh and clean hair. Drink tons of water to get it hydrated and consider even doing hot oil treatment.

2. For voluminous hair, arrive at the salon with hair that hasn’t been washed in may a day or two.

Kim says: Working with hair that’s kind of dirty makes it easier to tease the hair and pin it up.

3. Make it a priority to keep up with regular trims.

Kim says: The general rule of thumb is to trim the ends every eight weeks and after a chemical service. So, if you’re doing any hair colour or relaxing your hair, it should be trimmed after so avoid hair damage.

The Don’ts

1. Arriving at the salon with freshly cut hair is not advised.

Kim says: If you want to trim your hair, try trimming it at least a week before a big event so that you can give your hairstyle that lived-in look. Hair looks more natural when it has some split.

2. Don’t try a new colour just before a big moment.

Kim says: If you’re trying on a new colour or you’re working with a new colourist it’s best to do so two weeks in advance or to wait until after. Give the hair a chance to oxidise in case you have to redo something as hair changes every seven days.

For more tips and tricks to take care of your mane, catch Kim Kimble and her hairstylists on LA Hair, Thursdays at 20:00, only on Vuzu TV, Channel 116.

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