Kenya Fired from RHOA for Hiding Hubby

The question on everyone’s lips on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta? Is Marc real? We have the answer

21 July 2018

Kenya Moore got involved with ‘Marc Daly’ in whirlwind romance which ended with a romantic sunset beach wedding in St. Lucia which none of the Housewives were invited to. So we don’t blame them for being suspicious about his existence, it is a bit suspect for some of your closest friends not have ever met your entire HUSBAND.

Turns out Marc Daly is very real and will be showing up on episode 17 of RHOA, make sure that you don’t miss it!

Kenya told People that before she always knew that she was worthy of love and as the years went by it was difficult not having met a partner in life. She remained strong but she also got lonely and longed to have someone who would steal her heart and be her best friend. She had started to lose hope then Marc came into her life and the rest is history as they say. As you might know the couple will soon hear the pitter patter of small feet in their house as they await the birth of their first child.

Producers reveal however that because Kenya hid her relationship from the show, she will be fired from RHOA and will not return for season 11. She has also been fined $25 000 for not inviting the show to her wedding. The producers claim that people get married and have kids all of the time and it’s never a big secret. This simply does not work for them.

Kenya says she kept Marc away from prying public eyes because he didn’t sign up for this world, she did. She spoke about how the media and public attack people associated to her to try bring them down and she did not want that to happen to Marc and their relationship. Marc told her that the relationship was about “me and you” and not about “me or you” and that the most important thing was their pure love and not him, aww!

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