Keeping Things Sunny

We take a look at some fun facts about It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and the amazing cast that has kept the show on air for more than a decade!

20 July 2018

The iconic American sitcom, set to become the longest-running live-action comedy series in TV history, will return to Vuzu for it’s remarkable 12th season. The show has steadily become a global phenomenon, as viewers have fallen in love with the quirky characters and the dry-witted humour they’ve continuously brought to the screen. In anticipation of the latest season, we bring you some fun facts about the show and the actors that portray your favourite characters on the show.

Charlie Day, the musician

You might be surprised to find out that Charlie Day, who portrays a character by the same first name in the series, is a skilled musician and songwriter. In fact, he contributes to writing the music that plays in the series.

The legendary Danny DeVito

Despite being a highly successful actor that has starred in dozens of movies, DeVito is also an accomplished director and producer that has his own production company and directs short horror movies!

Rob McElhenney, the creator

Besides portraying Mac in the show, McElhenney also created the show and wrote the screenplay for the first season, claiming that the idea for the show came to him in a dream.

Family on and off the screen

Charlie and The Waitress are married in real life, as are Dee and Mac. Mac and Dee also own a restaurant together in Philadelphia, which unfortunately couldn’t be called MacD’s.

In need of a saviour

The first season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia wasn’t a massive hit with viewers. Rob McElhenney suggested that a well-known actor was needed to save the series from cancellation and so Danny DeVito was approached. Initially DeVito wasn’t very keen on starring in the series, but was later convinced to join the cast by his children, who are fans of the show.

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