Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Rosa go to Jail!

Jake and Rosa were forced to take part in a bank robbery to prove Hawkins was a dirty-cop but she was one-step ahead of them and ultimately double-crossed them. 

17 May 2018

“Crime and Punishment” capped of a great season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with a huge cliff-hanger. The writers have certainly found a way to wet our appetite for the next season and we can’t wait to see how things play out.

Jake and Rosa uncover that Hawkins is a dirty cop and they get in with her crew to try and take them down from the inside. Unfortunately Hawkins is aware of their plan and sets them up. Jake and Rosa then find themselves in court trying to prove their innocence. Hawkins has however thought of everything including setting up off-shore accounts in Jake and Rosa’s names with millions of dollars.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine team tries their best to get them out of their dilemma. Charles’ becomes so stressed at the thought of his best friend Jake going to jail that his hair loses all pigmentation and turns grey. He enlists the help of Terry and they get a hacker to trace the source of the money that ended up in off-shore accounts in Jake and Rosa’s name. The hacker brings in two other hackers to help him.

In the meanwhile, Amy and Jake trace down a cop (Langdon) who seems to be have forced to go into hiding after working with Hawkins a few years ago. They get Langdon to take the stand against Hawkins and testify on their behalf. Lo and behold as Langdon takes the stand, the hackers find that  Langdon is in fact in cahoots with Hawkins and is the one who transferred the money to the off-shore accounts. Langdon tells the jury that Jake paid him money to say that he had been set-up by Hawkins.

With all of their efforts in vain as Jake and Rosa are found guilty on all charges and sent to jail. This is a comedy though, surely the main character will not go to jail right? No, wrong, the co-creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine told Entertainment Weekly that: "There will not be somebody running down the aisle of the courthouse saying, 'He was innocent! He was innocent!' or cutting to him on parole and an appeal happening."

So this means that Jake and Rosa are now convicted felons who will definitely be spending some time in jail in the next season. We are shook!

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