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Issa announces Insecure Season 2!

Issa Rae has just confirmed the second season of Insecure!

15 March 11:58

The season one finale of popular dramedy Insecure, which aired on VUZU AMP 103, left us all with so many questions! And now, it's officially time to get ready for the second coming of Issa and the messed up connects. The show's leading actress Issa Rae confirmed that Insecure will be back on the telly in the US sometime this coming, and soon many of those burning questions might just be settled. 

In the clip posted on her official Instagram page, Rae kept things mum on whether or not Issa (on the show), and her best friend Molly, are still single this season. They both sort of messed beautiful opportunities the last time, what with Molly being reluctant to date a gorgeous man because he is bisexual. 

Issa screwed things up with long term boyfriend Lawrence because she was starting to feel like he's a boring couch potato. Then she cheated. He tried to forgive her by returning home from what was meant to be a rebound wild adventure, only to find that she was not home. It's all a big fat misunderstanding at this point, but viewers shipping these two are holding thumbs that they might be able to work things out. 

They are one of those couples who just work!

By the way, the actress was also happy to reveal that Lawrence is fine. He's very much fine, although none of us have an idea what that means at this point. 

Excited for the Insecure season 2? Keep an eye on the website and our social media pages for updates as we will be keeping you posted on the show's return. 


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