Insecure S2: Issa mess!

30 June 2017 03:40

Insecure season 2 is headed for VUZU AMP this July, and obviously can’t wait to see what happens to her relationship with long term boyfriend Lawrence, with whom Issa broke up in the saddest way long running cute relationship can end.

Rewind to the show’s season 1 finale, Issa and Lawrence had just split thanks to her cheating and coming clean. The whole episode was a sweet play out of the two sort of coming back together. Lawrence had just realized he is not interested in exploring the adventures of being single, as his friends were convincing him to.

He reached out to Issa, who was away on a girl’s retreat with Molly hours out in Los Angeles. Lawrence calls, and wants to come back home. She is elated, says yes, and drives back. But when she arrives, he had left.

A whole sad mess, it was.

They’ve given us ample time to recover from the break up, however. Now, we are excited to see how the, if, the two will work things out when the show premieres on VUZU AMP, DStv channel 103 this July.

It’s also Express from the US, so you will be one of the first people to watch it around the world!