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Hulisani Ravele: I want to make television that's from the heart

The TV personality wants to touch people's hearts with her content.

14 March 13:16

A lot of people grew up watching Hulisani "CC" Ravele on their TV screens.

The former YoTV presenter has been in the industry for 20 years, and is making major moves. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Medium (Honours) Cum Laude at AFDA. That was a proud moment for the media personality. 


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In an interview with Thabo "Tbose" Mokwele on Kaya FM, she explained why she decided to pursue her honours, despite having all that TV experience. She said: "I wanted to have the confidence to back up the expecrience from a behind the scenes and technical perspective, because where I wanna move into is not only to be the face of a television show, but owning the television show."  

She said she wants to produce her own content. "And the big vision one day is to have my own talk show, and I don't wanna be one of those people that are running a company where you just arrive and the auto cue is there and that's the only part you manage."  


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Hulisani further explained: "I was just trying to get myself in a postion where can confidently walk out into the world and say 'I'm a producer'... I also acknowlege that we all learn differently, not all of us have to go to school, but for me, I'm an academic at heart, always have been so going to school was important for me."

The TV host started her her own production called Tshimbilini Productions, amed after my mother. The name means "it's in the heart" in TshiVenda. 


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Speakking about the inspiration behind it, she said: "I want to make television that's from the heart. I wanna create content that's from the heart. I wanna make TV shows that really move people... Let's make television that matters, because I think there's enough of that frivolous stuff... And it plays its part too."

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