Growing Up Hip Hop goes to Atlanta!

In a game of inherited thrones, a clique of friends born to hip hop royalty show us the perks and perils of being hip hop elite. 

09 May 2018

Set on the backdrop of urban Atlanta, the birthplace of the civil rights movement and home to hip hop legends, Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta is a new reality show on Vuzu.

Bow Wow

Unforeseen danger marks Bow Wow as he comes back to ATL to try and create one last musical masterpiece before he bows out of the music industry, but will he make it out unscathed? With a child, an on again off again baby mama in Los Angeles, his bad boy persona and women throwing themselves at him, Bow Wow struggles to focus.

Luckily he has hip hop heavyweights in his corner who won't let him fail. Under the tutelage of the legendary Snoop Dogg, the "Godfather" of Atlanta hip hop, Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat, the first female rapper to sell over one million records, Bow Wow is challenged to build a legacy instead of giving up. 

The Crew

The show also stars children of hip hop legends as they also try to hustle to build their own empires. On their individual paths to success a toxic rivalry unfolds and battle lines are drawn. The question is whose empire will rise and whose will fall?

The show stars:

  • Bow Wow - child hip hop star who grew up under the tutelage of Snoop and Jermaine Dupri
  • Shaniah Mauldin - Jermaine Dupri’s daughter
  • Reginae Carter - Lil Wayne's daughter
  • Ayana Fite - DJ Hurricane's daughter
  • Brandon Barnes -  Ms. Deb's son and Waka Flocka brother
  • Zonnique Pullins - Daughter of hip hop power couple T.I. and Tiny

Some say in hip hop there are no friends, will the next generation be able to bring their A game without backstabbing each other? 

Catch a sneak peak at the season:

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