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Ghost's 5 most annoying habits

24 April 14:33

To the unsuspecting public, James Patrick is simply a suave, eloquent and respected businessman who will spark a seed of inspiration to the driven, allure to the thirsty and respect to the overachieving.

The same can be said about ruthless criminals, drug leaders and murderers to whom he is known as 'Ghost', a merciless drug dealer who wants to dominate the New York's drug trade.

Beyond the conman performances that have left his felonious dealings largely unpunished, James is James. He is a loving family man, and a serial cheat. He is smart, loyal, driven. He is also sloppy, a control freak, and at times - foolish. Here's some 5 habits we can't stand from him

He's actually a liar

...And a cheater who traded his ride or die day one for the pretty girl. The same girl who left him decades ago to pursue her career. Now that he's struggled and worked his way up the entreprenuerial ladder in night life business with his wife Tasha supporting him all these years, he is willing to gamble his entire family to be with Angela. That affair was kept going with a long standing lie to Tasha. 

He lied about it to his day ones, as he continues to bang out pure fibs about a whole lot of things. When you watch and follow the intricate relationships, business practices and harsh realities that characterise the drug world, a lot of things can at least make some sense. The many lies can easily be justified. Still, he lies. A LOT. 

He's greedy as hell

Well of course. Why else would a successful club owner, who's so good in business that he came back from near bankruptcy and has been able to dive and duck efforts to overthrow his thriving dominance from people with ten times his influence, opt to add dirty money to the mix? 

The stakes are so high, James! Many have lost their lives, and his family stands to lose everything. All because he (and Tasha) want more, more, more. 

The indecisiveness is a headache

He can't choose whether he wants to stay with his family or flee with Angela, whether to trust Tommy or throw him to the wolves. Between 'Ghost' and James Patrick, he seems unsure which one is the real self and which is the alter ego. He changes his mind all the time. But then, so do the rest of us?

Ghost is a narcissist 

He got someone killed because they were fooling around with Tasha, despite cheating on her for months. The world's rules must bend to his advantage at all costs, even it means everyone he loves is exposed to life threaning danger. Interestingly, he is actually very compassionate and loving to those closest to his heart, but even the way he protects them must be in his own terms. 

He's harsh, sometimes...

The way he tried getting rid of Holly (Tommy's lover) was handled in the harshest way possible. He loves Tasha, but she too is sometimes dealt some pretty harsh truths during confrontational conversations. As has Tommy himself, who is sometimes called out for being hysterical junkie. No one is safe from the hard hitting honesty.

Power season premieres on VUZU AMP, May 1st at 21:30. 

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