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The Fixer & How To Get Away With Murder premiere dates

Find out the new premiere dates for The Fixer and How To Get Away With Murder on VUZU AMP

10 January 15:32

Mondays are about to get really lit on VUZU AMP this January. We recently announced a brand new season of How To Get Away With Murder, as well as the fact that The Fixer is now moving to VUZU AMP when it premieres this month!


Well, that has not changed. You can relax. But due to schedule delays in the US, these award winning television series will now be premiering on different dates in HD as well.



Note down; The Fixer premieres on Monday, January 30th at 20:30, followed by the new season premiere of How To Get Away With Murder straight after at 21:30!



It gets better. If you want to, you can catch The Fixer Express from the Us on Saturday, January 28th at 1:00 for them bragging rights.






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