First Family of Hip Hop

First Family of Hip Hop chronicles the personal and professional lives of the Robinson family as they work to preserve their legacy in Hip Hop. Before tuning in, here's a look at some of showbiz's biggest families

04 July 2017 15:14


The Kardashians' empire is now said to be well over $1 billion. In addition to the family's long running reality show, Kris Jenner's offspring is raking in the cash through their famous apps, merchandise, beauty and cosmetic lines, emojis and social media sales. Kim alone charges up to R6,5 million for an Instagram post. 

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They are not regulars in the spotlight anymore, but the Jacksons are still considered the music industry's biggest family. Following the success of the Jackson 5, which consisted of all the male siblings, some of the biggest musical careers came out. Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson, and a few respectable attempts from the others. 

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Will Smith has had his day as one of Hollywood's leading men. Jada Pinket Smith held her own as one of the most succesful African American actresses at the start of the century. These days, however, it's his kids Jaden Smith and Willow who have ascended to A list status. They are both movie stars, performing artists and famous fashion influencers. That said, the whole family consists of A-listers who are doing their own thing. Everyone is insanely famous, rich and successful. 

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This British family basically invented celebrity family reality TV. Way before the Kardashians were a thing, the Osbournes were already making a killing with the show. And although it all started with the dad - Ozzy Osbourne being the rock star, Sharon, Kelly, and to a much lesser extant Jack, have all proceeded to maintain thriving careers in music, reality TV and other things famous people do to get even more famous. 


While sisters Beyonc√© and Solange are global megastars, thanks to their huge music careers,  their parents - Tina and  Mathew have not exactly one their best to lay under the spotlight. In fact, they have also benefited a lot from their daughters' success, with clothing lines, TV appearances and, we bet, VIP access to any party. 

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First Family Hip Hop chronicles the journey of one such solid dynasty. The Robinson's family give viewers a look inside their musical lives as they work to preverse their family's pioneering legacy for Hip Hop, as well as move it forward. Catch the docu-series tonight at 19:00 on VUZU AMP, DStv channel 103