Evelyn vs Jackie – Basketball Wives LA

Who will win the showdown between Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie in Basketball Wives LA?

30 August 2018

This season the tension seem to centre around Evelyn and Jackie and we explore where it all began.

Evelyn is sick and tired of Jackie and has vowed to expose Jackie for “five seasons of messiness.” Evelyn is caught in the middle of a family feud between Jackie and her estranged daughter Ta’Kari. The drama between the mother daughter pair seems to have transferred from the home to not only a book but onto our screens.

Ta’Kari has written a tell-all book, Lights to Her Shadow about how her mother treated her differently as a child growing up. She then sent the book to Evelyn who is so angry with Jackie that she said she might even go on the book tour with Ta’Kari.

Once Jackie finds out that Evelyn is in contact with Ta’Kari she tells Shaunie, “I’m a mother backed into a corner. Leave me alone about my child, Shaunie, because I will kill Evelyn”.

It seems to us that Jackie doesn’t have a problem with Evelyn she just has a problem with her having a relationship with her estranged daughter. Evelyn not only gave Ta’Kari money after her child had a burn accident but has also been engaging her on social media. Ta’Kari started a GoFundMe after her baby had a burn accident at school and Evelyn gave her the full amount. Jackie says she would have given her child money had she asked, and seems she would have been mad had any other cast member given Ta’Kari the money, not just Evelyn in particular. She claims Evelyn crossed a line.

Evelyn on the other hand has expressed sympathy over the way Ta’Kari was treated as a child by Jackie. Ta’Kari wrote an Instagram post where she was confused by why her mother was mad at Evelyn for enagaing with her on social media. She claims Tami stays liking her sibling’s and step dads posts but Evelyn liking her kids pictures is wrong? Ta’Kari said: "I never called her an abuser or even a bad mother, I said I was treated differently and I was backed up by my sister who came on the show and said the same thing." She ended the post by stating he rmother can’t disctate with whom she associates with, ouch.

In light of all this during a screaming match Jackie told Evelyn that the  internet calls her daughter a build-a-w***e. This is where things escalated.

After the episode aired Shauni O’Neal took to Twitter to say, “I’m going to be honest, this fight was not one of my favorite moments. We take a lot of jabs at one another but ALL of our kids are off limits.”

Who is right? Who is wrong? Catch Basketball Wives LA on Thursday at 20:00 to see how this feud will end… if it ends.

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