Cleveland Hustles: Who is Bonin Bough?

Former digital marketing innovator gives entrepreneurs in Cleveland the chance to open up their own storefronts.

20 February 2018

What is a digital-marketing innovator, social media guru, advertising expert and much more doing hosting a reality TV show?

Bonin Bough did what a few will do – he ditched his chief media and e-commerce role at Snack Giant Kraft Foods to star in CNBC’s Cleveland Hustles – a business-centric reality show - which is the brainchild of LeBron James.

In an interview with Fast Company, Bough said he was interested in taking part in Cleveland Hustles because he believed it had a unique and interesting impact. “We want to shine a spotlight on Cleveland and the entrepreneurs that are going to help revitalize the neighbourhoods that we’re investing in,” he explained.

Bough said he was most excited about the impact that the first season will have on both the participants and the city of Cleveland.

When the show first premiered in the US, Bough says it had already created 60 jobs and generated more than $2 million investments for the winning businesses, from bagel stores to yoga studios.

Bonin’s role in Cleveland Hustles will be to host and be a trusted confidante to the entrepreneurs who will be pitching their business ideas to the agents.

The aim of the show is to give aspiring entrepreneurs in Cleveland a chance to open their own stores in order to try and boost Cleveland’s economy. The show will see four local business leaders mentoring the owners of eight small businesses. Their business acumen will be tested, and in the end, only four of the eight companies will have the opportunity to open storefronts in the neighbourhood.

Catch Cleveland Hustles every Tuesday, during our reality time slot at 20:00.

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