Au Revoir to The Mindy Project

The sixth season will be the last for The Mindy Project, we look at all of the things we love about Mindy and her project.

06 June 2018

OB/GYN Mindy Lahiri has for the past five seasons charmed viewers wither quirky style, her idealism and our favourite – her obsession with junk food. With the culmination of an era upon us, we thought it best we take a look at all of the things that made us fall in love with Mindy Kaling and her project.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy the glass ceiling breaker
Mindy Kaling was the first woman to write for The Office at the tender age of 24. Mindy is also the first woman of colour to star in and executive produce her own show. We wonder what her next first will be after this?

The things that make her happy make us happy
Cue the aww, she finds happiness in texting her parents. She has done what many of us have failed to and taught them texting abbreviations and emoticons.

Weird Mindy
Mindy is literal minded, especially when it comes to holidays. During Christmas, she will wear Christmas socks and Christmas tree earrings, whilst during Valentines she prefers lingerie with hearts to signify the occasion.

Her Project

Mindy’s world is a utopia
First dates are the start of a grand, beautiful, sweeping romantic comedy narrative. Even the smallest act of kindness has the ability to save the burning world. Her optimistic attitude inspires us to turn our frown upside down.

Real characters
TV is full of unattainable standards of human perfection but for The Mindy Project, instead of doing the usual and losing weight for the role she made an effort gained weight.

Soul satisfying
Don’t tell anyone but this season has great ending! The kind of ending that satisfies your soul. We don’t see many of those in television land, so we are grateful.

Our favourite line from this season

"I may be married, but I'm not buried." - Mindy Lahiri

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