American Idol: Back In Action

American Idol is coming back with more talent and a star-studded panel of judges that will keep the entertainment flowing. Following are some fun facts about this season’s panel.

24 August 2018

American Idol has remarkably reached it’s 16th season on air and has produced some mega-stars along the way as well as some heart-warming moments that has left audiences all around the world fighting back the tears. A large part of American Idol’s appeal is the spectacular group of judges they seem to recruit every single season! This season’s panel includes Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Here are some fun and interesting facts about the iconic judges for this season of American Idol:

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s real name is actually Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, but when she started her career in Pop music, she decided to change it in order to avoid any confusion between herself and actress Kate Hudson. Katy’s parents are both pastors and her love of singing was sparked when she used to sing at church when she was younger. Katy Perry has also assisted with delivering her sister’s baby and is very good friends with iconic Beatles member, Paul McCartney.

Lionel Richie

Besides having an incredible singing talent, Lionel could have actually been a tennis star or a priest! Eventually, however, he decided that singing was the right choice for him. Probably the most incredible fact about Lionel though, is that when Nelson Mandela went to the US for public appearances, Lionel was in charge of Mandela’s wardrobe! During this tour, Lionel also met with Mandela, who claimed that his music was a big inspiration to him and helped him through his hard days in prison.

Luke Bryan

To start with, we’re going to tell you that Luke actually has the initials of his wife, which he has been dating since college, tattooed on his butt! That’s right, he claims it happened on tour one year. Remarkably, Luke still becomes very anxious before performing and reportedly has minor panic attacks at times before he hits the stage. As a child, Luke was absolutely crazy about Michael Jackson’s Thriller album and to this day, never says no to an opportunity to do the Moonwalk in front of people.

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