America Ferrera is More than an Actress

We take a look at how America Ferrera manages to do it and have it all.

25 June 2018

She had a Legendary Wedding

America married her university sweetheart Ryan Williams, they met at university when she acted in one of his student films. They got married at Vanessa Williams’ house and the wedding was officiated by Judith Light, another Ugly Betty co-star. It was such a party that the cops invaded the wedding twice because of the noise levels.

She Worked with Jon Snow

America recorded her voice for How to Train Your Dragon 2 alongside Kit Harington. She had no idea who he was, it was only after they had finished that she started watching Game of Thrones and went fan crazy the next time she saw him.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Lives On

Her big break came when she played Carmen in the Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants. The relationships forged on that set still lives on today, a true sisterhood. America sleeps with a copy of the novel The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on her nightstand.

She is an Activist

She teamed up with North Face  to launch the Move Mountains campaign, which aimed to celebrate the stories of female explorers. This is what America had to say about the campaign “I think that the stories we tell ourselves and our young women and young men about what women’s bodies are for is really important,” said America Ferrera at the New York City launch event. “And to know that our bodies are for doing and adventuring, and making babies, and for doing whatever we choose to do with them, is such an important narrative that we put out there.”

She Has it All

It took America ten years to graduate, she received her degree in international relations in 2013. She took a leave of absence to play the lead role in Ugly Betty. She is a testament that you don’t’ have to choose, you have it all. Her professor made her realise that she could couple her acting and education to do what she is passionate about, make a meaningful impact in the world.

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