8 Questions about Love Island Answered

Love Island has taken the world by storm and we answer all of your burning questions.

10 September 2018

Why do we never see the Islanders cooking?

Apparently house chores ruin the potential of finding the love of your life. The Islanders are catered for by the production team, they request what they want from the catering tent that is pitched outside the villa and it is delivered to them by runners. Must be nice!

Do the Islanders clean?

Nope, you can’t find love if you’re covered in dust only in baby oil while glistening in the sun. There are cleaners who come to the villa once a week.

How much alcohol are the Islanders given?

In the first two weeks while the Islanders are still getting to know each other and used to the fact that there will be cameras watching their every move, they receive a bit more liquid courage than in the following weeks where the producers says they give the Islanders just enough. There is no actual limit, they judge it case by case making sure to always keep it responsible.

Are the Islanders paid while they are on the Island?

Bills don’t stop when you’re on a romantic island looking for love. The Islanders receive an allowance for being in the villa all summer long to ensure they can pay for their mortgages, rent and other bills back at home.

Do they know what time it is?

There are no clocks in the villa. The Islanders are on their own secluded world where time no longer exists. Ex-Islanders say they became Galileo incarnates and tried to figured out what time it was by using the sun, if the smoking are was in the shade when they woke up, they knew it was before 7 am. The producers never let them sleep past 09:30 however because it isn’t entertaining.

Who send the texts?

I’ve got a text!!” This is always the cue for action to commence. Have you ever wondered who sends the islanders these mysterious text? The infamous texts that spur action are sent by the producers in the gallery control room. Just outside the villa is a small production village where they sit and watch the Islanders every move.

Besides receiving texts what else do the Islanders use their phones for?

The islanders have phones but they’re not connected to the internet lest they know what the world is saying about them but they do use their phones to take tons of sexy pictures and slide into each other’s DMs.

Where is the Love Island?

Love Island is filmed in a villa on Majorca near Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, the exact address is kept a secret for fear of fans showing up unexpectedly.

Photo by Martin Widenka on Unsplash.

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