7 reasons you don’t want to miss MasterChef Junior

Kids are fun, kids are adorable, kids have no drama!

09 March 2018

All images: Instagram

One of the things you’re probably thinking about when you hear MasterChef Junior is: What do 8-13 year olds know about cooking anyway? (While secretly asking: How do I get my own kids to cook?)

Truth is, watching children cook is probably the most delightful thing to watch on TV. These kids are not seasoned chefs trying to viciously outdo the other. Although they whip up dishes that question your own abilities to cook, their dishes are usually nowhere near the difficulty you’d encounter on the grown-up version of MasterChef.

Here are other reasons you should definitely watch MasterChef Junior:

1. They look absolutely adorable in their chef’s whites gear

2. When they cook, you can understand what they're making.

3. In fact, their food is so simple that it inspires you to prep a meal instead of eating takeaways.

4. They support each other

5. And genuinely get so nervous when it’s time for the judges to taste their dishes – instead of being pompous about it.

6. They're multi-talented

7. Because Gordon Ramsay looks like he's always having the most fun with the kids.

And it’s unimaginable.

Catch MasterChef Junior every weekday at 19:00! Rope in the kids too! You could be surprised.