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5 Reasons to watch Kingin With Tyga

There's so much to look out for on Tyga's reality show on VUZU AMP!

28 April 14:53

He's not exactly churning out chart topping smash hits lately, but Tyga has maintained enough public interest in his life to keep him not only relevant, but as bankable as they come. The 27 year old rapper's romantic links to Kylie Kardashian, his much publicized split from Blac Chyna (with whom he has a child), rumours of bankruptcy are all part of that. 

Aside from all the drama we get to see in the press, Tyga is evidently a good father. A swaggy one, may we add! Here's why you should make sure Kingin With Tyga, Fridays at 22:00 on VUZU AMP, should be on your reminder list.


He hangs out with the coolest A-listers, creatives, stylists, music producers and reality show stars on the daily - and that's on top of practically being a Kardashian! On the season 1 premiere alone, Tyga meets one of his heroes Master P. Chris Brown paints a mural for Tyga's son and his godson King Cairo. Now that's the level of social connect you are being treated to on this reality show. 


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Tyga and Kylie Kardashian are undoubtedly one of the most talked about celebrity couples globally. They've split and made up more times than we can recall, or even know of! Get to see what they are like together. 


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Watching the super rich flaunting their assets of all to see if always fun! Tyga is not one to shy away from putting his luxury cars, bling and the most exclusive threads on full display. 


And yet watching a rapper showcasing their toys is not quite enough. That can be trimmed down to a music video, thank you. But on King WIth Tyga, viewers get an idea of how Tyga maintains his brand, keeps his music career going and how he juggles everything. 

5. TYGA 

Finally, you wanna watch this show to get to know Tyga. What kind of a guy is he, when the cameras stop rolling. Well, they are rolling for this show - but for the real stuff! 

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