New comedy shows on Vuzu TV

You're guaranteed some good laughs with these comedy shows on Vuzu TV.

03 April 2018

We love them when they make our lives pop and we are saddened when the seasons come to an end. But as you may well know, as soon as you know you favourite television programmes have been renewed seasons, you can sleep at night know something awesome is brewing again for your screens. Well, it's that time! Coming to your screen are comedy shows Angie Tribeca and Superior Donuts.

Angie Tribeca

Season 3 of Angie Tribeca is back, and this time Tribeca, Geils, and Tanner need to track an animal rights activist who’s turned into a serial killer outside of their jurisdiction to New Orleans. Upon their arrival to the Big Easy, they’re met with humidity and gumbo.

To make matters worse (spoiler alert), Angie seems to be developing feelings for the serial killer.

For those of you who aren’t very familiar with the show, the series centres on an LAPD precinct filled with goofy characters. Detective Angie Tribeca is played by Rashida Jones, who is partnered with Detective Jay Geils. Together they are tasked with solving some of the most dangerous cases.

Expected on season 3 are guest appearances including Ernie Hudson, Chris Pine, Natalie Portman, Michelle Dockery, Niecy Nash, Mary McCormack, Ed Helms, Rob Riggle, Heather Graham and Jack McBrayer.

Catch Angie Tribeca every weekday at 18:00.

Superior Donuts

Superior Donuts is a comedy about a donut-shop owner that’s located in a Chicago neighbourhood. Arthur, the store owner, refuses to sell fancy, new cronuts, and macchiatos or to even renovate his outdated shop.

But things are about to change when new and only employee Franco, convinces Arthur that he can revamp the shop. However, Franco is the least of Arthur’s problems – Fawz who owns the dry cleaners next door to Arthur’s shop wants to cash in on the new urban renewal. Another competitor, Sofia, decides to set up her organic food truck business right in front of Arthur’s donut shop. She soon becomes a hit with Arthur’s customers.

Follow Arthur’s journey as he discovers the value in embracing the change around him on Superior Donuts, Mondays – Fridays at 18:30.

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