Who Are The Repertoires?

The Repertoires are a well-renowned, ambitious, young, trendy and influential group based in Johannesburg. Originally a group of dancers, they have built a huge name for themselves and gained a massive following amongst the youth. The group has expanded with the addition of two managers, a beat-boxer and a few DJs.

Main Crew Members:

The Repertoire crew consists of six main members, each of them trying to break into the entertainment industry. Walk a few weeks in their shoes and get a raw inside look at what goes into pursuing your dreams. Running With The Repsdocuments the Repertoires blood, sweat and tears involved in making a name for yourself in this cut-throat industry. The rise to fame ain’t easy but The Repertoires will stop at nothing to stay on top of their game – juggling school and dance and believing in themselves enough to keep pushing despite their parents’ disapproval of their career choice.

Nthato Malete

Larry ‘Larryngitis’ Mncube-Nhlane

Michael Makwala

Chama Mkhwanazi

Tha Thundacats

Tejee ‘Dj Ellipsis’ Mbuyamba

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