Dineo’s Diary: Should the fam book seeing you?

13 April 2016

The long awaited 5th of Dineo’s Diary finally premiered on Monday, 19:30 on VUZU AMP 114, and as expected, the episode left us with many talking points. One of them comes from the fact that Dineo told her parents that they need to book an appointment far ahead of time whenever they want to see. They can’t just just throw surprise visits, because girl is busy! Or because her new place is ‘not a boarding school.’

Some would argue that expecting your parents to book a moment with well in advance is straight up over the top. After all, it’s family. Why should we start conducting our visitations like its business? But to come to her defence, unplanned pop up visits can throw ones plans upside down.

Now throw in a hectic schedule like one Dineo has, and you have limited time in the week. On weekends, you might want to wind down, hang out with friends, MC somewhere, shoot a music video or whatever.

Just…tell me when you are planning to come…

Let’s tune in next week Monday at 19:00 to see what Dineo gets up to.

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