The Vampire Diaries S7 to premiere on VUZU AMP

3 November 2015

Dubbed one of the most riveting vampire themed TV shows of all times, season 7 of The Vampire Diaries returns to VUZU AMP this November.

After six seasons as the girl at the center of the love triangle that was The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev has left the building, and taken her character Elena Gilbert with her.

In a rather unique way to remove a major character, Elena was put into a slumber like Sleeping Beauty, only she won’t wake until her best friend Bonnie (Kat Graham) dies. It’s a curse put on them as revenge by the Salvatore matriarch, Lily (Annie Wersching). And so, we enter a new era on The Vampire Diaries.

Season 7 begins with Damon being forced to navigate his new reality without Elena. Meanwhile, Stefan waits for Caroline to sort out her emotions and tries to protect the town from Lily and her family of Heretics, who are wreaking havoc in Mystic Falls.

You can still count on plenty of Stefan/Caroline/Valerie drama to come. This is said to be the season where the characters grow up and become adults. Stefan’s almost-baby is something he will really be thinking about as the plot unfolds into the episodes. There’s more reflection and he keeps thinking ‘I could have been a dad’.

Find out how this implicates his character when The Vampire Diaries return to VUZU AMP Wednesday 4 November at 21:30. Share your thoughts on our official social media pages via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The added benefit of joining our online community is that you’ll get exclusive interviews and all the latest updates on this show and more.


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