Brand new shows on Vuzu AMP

13 April 2015

There are enough new shows on Vuzu Amp 114 this week to keep you fully booked. Here is what you should be looking out for on HD:


Brandi’s drinking continues to be under the spotlight on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at 17:00. Catch the first batch of the freshest celebrity and entertainment scoop on V-Entertainment at 18:00. For Better Or Worse and Preachers of LA play back to back at 18:30 and 19:00 respectively. Epic murder mystery meets the brilliance of law on How To Get Away With Murder at 20:00 and then at 21:00, it’s a sad adios to the best drama series in Mzansi as the final episode of Ayeye goes in at 21:00.


Brooklyn Nine Nine is at 19:00 followed by something local and musical: Lira takes fans through her highlights in the past decade on Lira: 1st Decade at 19:30. Tyra Banks schools aspirant models on America’s Next Top Model cycle 21 at 20:30 followed by Supernatural for some epic action at 21:30.


The Johnsons are back to make us laugh on Black-ish at 19:00. Something new and super exciting: award winning series Jane The Virgin premieres at 19:30. Runway inspections keep the girls on check on The Face: UK at 20:30 then worth a whole week wait, The Vampire Diaries kick in at 21:30.


The highly anticipated local reality show chronicling the lives of Mzansi’s richest youth, Rich Kids premieres at 19:00! Yet another newbie you will be thrilled about: Hart Of Dixie premieres straight after that at 19:30. It’s 50 shades of shade with The Real Housewives Of Atlanta at 20:30. Seal the deal of an epic line up with The Originals on at 21:30.


Vuzu Amp keeps it real on Fridays, HD style. Start off with the premiere of rapper The Game’s reality show, Marrying the Game season 3 premieres at 18:30. Dineo Ranaka tells it as it is on Dineo’s Diary on at 19:00. Hit the Floor is at 19:30 and American Idol follows at 20:30.

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