It’s Classic Comedy Thursday y’all!

20 November 2014

Even if you have no funny bone in you, Vuzu tv’s Classic Comedy Thursday will definitely get you laughing your socks off.

The kings and queens of comedy will take you on a chuckling journey from 17:00 to 22:00 on Vuzu tv today. Your utmost favourites, Malcom & Eddie and Everybody Hates Chris, kick off the series of much-loved comedies. Eighteen years old and still counting, Malcom & Eddie never disappoints so make sure you catch it at 17:00.

An hour of Everybody Hates Chris follows immediately at 17:30, then we join the sweet, funny and caring ‘over-eaters’, Mike & Molly. At 19:00, test your knowledge with host comedian Drew Carey and play along with the Whose Line is it Anyway? audience.

As you get ready to turn in, Bob’s Burgers airs at 21:00 and Legit closes it off at 22:00. In tonight’s episode of Legit, Jim and Steve accept a gig in Afghanistan to entertain the troops, but… they come under fire. Classic Comedy Thursday it is, so make sure you’re ready to curl up and enjoy the treat!

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