The Bachelor – Canada

20 December 2013

[Episode 5 at 20:30pm]

Look who’s coming to dinner! Bachelor Brad takes one of most important steps in any relationship – meeting the parents. Brad journeys to the hometowns of the 4 remaining Bachelorettes, but instead of finding the right answers he needs, Brad is left struggling and confused to the very end, wrestling with the truth of what he’s learned and what his heart desires.

[Episode 6 at 21:30pm]

Can a week of Fantasy Dates show Brad the realities of his true feelings or keep the confusion in his heart? As blossoming love outshines dwindling passion, Brad must look deep in his soul to find the right woman. But before he can, one Bachelorette gives him an ultimatum that may sabotage his chances at finding love. And, it all comes crashing down at a Rose Ceremony that leaves everyone in shock and disbelief.

Catch The Bachelor – Canada on Friday 20 December at 20:30pm & 21:30pm.


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