Vuzu AMP Comedy Corner

4 August 2015




We may not know where your laughing bone is, but we know when. Tuesdays – Fridays at 19:00 is the time to gather around the TV and tune in on Vuzu AMP, DStv channel 114. That’s where world class sitcoms will sure leave you remembering that LOL actually stands for ‘laugh out loud’, not ‘I don’t know how to respond to your text.’

Start on Tuesdays with roomies Danny and Justin as they embark on a quest to up their macking game with the ladies, since everyone who came up with them has already moved on to settling down. It doesn’t help much that they have obvious qualities of being ‘Undeatable’.

Be all up in your feelings on Wednesday as you LOL with Marry Me. Based on the lives of long term couple Annie and Jake, the sitcom focuses on the bumpy ride that unravels as soon as the question ‘Will You Marry Me?’ was popped. Yeah, it’s a big request, even for the bae.

Musical comedies were always the best, and everyone deserves their fair share of some good ol’ cheesy fun. Vuzu AMP premieres the new musical comedy Galavant about a man called, well, Galavant. He’s a dashing knight hero who wants to hunt the evil King Richard in order to reclaim his “Happily Ever After” and reputation. The bad guy basically screwed up everything by stealing Galavant’s bae, Madalena, back in the day.

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