Vampire Diaries Tonight: Did you know?

13 October 2014

You may be madly in love and addicted to what has been dubbed “one of the most riveting vampire themed TV shows of all times”, but there are equally fascinating facts behind the scenes that you will not believe.

With the help of and, we got you these five that will certainly blow your mind!

Fact No.1

Although we cannot imagine Elena as anyone else other than the smokey-eyed Nina Dobrev, it will come as a surprise to you that Ashlee Simpson also auditioned and was almost picked for that role. Obviously she would have had to dye her blonde locks brunette to pull it off, but still! Ashlee! Seriously?

Fact No. 2

While the surname Salvator has an undeniable nice ring to it as far as good looking magical creatures are concerned, that surname was actually added much later in the script. Turns out the boys were initially intended to have ‘Whitmore’ as a family name. Now that sounds like another good save!

Fact No. 3

Talking of last minute changes, the name of the town the show is based on was initially named Hell’s Church before the name Mystic Falls was decided to be far more suitable for the television adaptation of the books. Mhmmm nice touch!

Fact No. 4

Ian Sommerholder was almost on another vampire series, True Blood for which he also auditioned. Well he ended up on Vampire Diaries and as they say, the rest is history. Fortunately, almost doesn’t count!

Fact No. 5

In order to encourage students to donate their blood, the Red Cross collaborated with the Vampire Diaries in a campaign aptly called Starve A Vampire. Not sure if that’s an Ooh or an Aah! But then again, lives were saved so five stars for that.

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